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When we were in San Francisco in 2018 for our SFConfidential (Made in Italy in America) project, we made a few stops at different charities to buy used and vintage pieces. We found the real American worker that mechanics wore in the 1970s to work in their workshops. We included an archive photo of ours of the original, as you can see I filled it with pins, lapels and heel 7 with sock).

In the movie House of Gucci, Adam Driver, who plays Maurizio Gucci, wears a dark blue one, in the typical workwear color just like our original. We reproduced it in Italy. We chose cool and easy cotton gabardine in many colors. The shape has been made more harmonious and the fit is really comfortable. With one of our canvas belts squeezed at the waist, it becomes harmonious and cool.

This jumpsuit is really versatile and easy to wear. One piece and you're dressed. With a nice heel you can turn it into a stylish look with shapes to suit any body type and personality. We have included it as one of our continuing pieces and also made it in rasone.

The closure includes a central zipper along the front body. The opening makes it easy to dress and undress especially when you are in a hurry!

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