We ourselves look for the vintage items we want to reuse. We stroll around the world. Every item has a story to tell, a past to excite, a life to transform, to continue on its path to our wardrobes and onto our bodies. Every item calls us, according to a law of attraction. Every item is already unique, and it becomes special after us. All of that is beauty of being. We believe in friendship, in family, in love, in nature, and in women who support women, few of them, rare and precious. We love to surround ourselves with beautiful things, and we always try to find them in our everyday life, while living it serenely and positively.
The vintage-refurbishing process is a very long, particularly complex one. Thus, the items are unique, they can't be mass-produced. Each item is different from each other: which impacts their prices.
We take care of the details, and of the raw marerials as well