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The ruffles start from below the chest. They fall down creating an elegant and very sensual movement around the body. For a touch of elegance you can add a flower brooch or to play down a belt adorned with our letters. You can find our sustainable accessories in the shop (link to the accessories shop).

This dress adapts to different occasions and styles, allowing everyone to express their personality. Angela wore it to walk around large neighborhoods of LA during the summer of 2023. All our dresses are over-season. This means that worn in layers they can also be worn during mid-season or during the cold season. Just wear a t-shirt or turtleneck. For those who want to dare, the version over jeans is ideal for being cool.

Here today we present it with one of our clutches, handmade with waste from our production. We don't throw anything away. Every waste is appropriately rethought and reintroduced into the production cycle to create something useful.

The jacket is a unique, vintage piece adorned with 20cm fluorescent fringes and a denim pocket applied on the front. On the sleeves you will find colored buttons different from each other. A cool jacket to have in your secret room for your special occasions and make you invincible.

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