Capture the moment and make it almost eternal

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Limited-edition, over-the-seasons, non-trendy creations.

The History

Velvet Phoebè is born to meet the needs of fashion lovers who prefer to stand out from the crowd. We suggest ideas to dress differently, without following trends but with the style of uniqueness, high quality and, above all, made in Italy. How to get noticed with "A fashion owl with a crown and colored feathers", that becomes a new species of recruiter who wanders the web to capture the attention of all fashion lovers.


Dream materials that come true. Made in Italy organza, taffeta,
lurex, silk, cotton, vinyl-covered fabric, chiffon, tulle.


Contemporary: Over-the- seasons clothes, colors, flounces and volumes, frivolousness and rigor that blend to create unique items Here are our masterpieces, inspired by the Greek goddesses and reinvented with a dose of happiness. Rigorous structures and fluid ones, with sculpted waves from which colors and passions emerge, in a hybrid mix of contemporary visions and history of the past. Unusual liaisons between the emerald green and the purple, between the silver lilac and the scenographic golden, between the red-carpet tiffany-green and the pure magenta. Dresses that, in an embrace, contemplate our creativity and our love for purity, innocence and beauty.

Modern twist

Deconstructed sweatshirts and t-shirts, tartan trench coats with