The history

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Far from the logic of trends and consumption, our philosophy follows the path of uniqueness, of sustainability, of timeless cults.
It's not a tribe, nor a community: it's a gang of women, of the crazy, absurd, jumbled, advanced, empathetic, intelligent, learned, ironic, amusing ones. Velvet Phoebè is not only a made in Italy brand, it's a lifestyle to us.
A new way to build a style, for women who want to be unique, with new identification codes:
- who dress to communicate emotions
- who harbor, deep inside, the desire not to conform to the mass
- who don't want to follow trends
- whose roots are welal entrenched in the desire to achieve a dynamic growth of their style.

Our team is a completely feminine, one each of us with a well-definite, aware, responsible role, and together we create value added, for the firm, from the modeler to the artisan to prepare the packaging.
All of our items are uniquely produced in Italy; our workforce is skilled, we only work with independent local craftsmen, and we employ Italian end-of-series materials and vintage products.
that we afterwards destructure, remake and hand-work, with creativity, uniqueness, novelty, passion and engagement. Our target is to create a luxury imperfect product. This is our way of being, today.

Our concept style is strong and cosmopolitan, and our items are to be lived with free-and-easy, imperfect elegance, and they're the summary of ten years of a forward-looking friendship.
We ourselves look for the vintage items we want to reuse. We stroll around the world.
Every item has a story to tell, a past to excite, a life to transform, to continue on its path to our wardrobes and onto our bodies. Every item calls us, according to a law of attraction. Every item is already unique, and it becomes special after us. All of that is beauty of being.
The vintage-refurbishing process is a very long, particularly complex one. Thus, the items are unique, they can't be mass produced. Each item is different from each other.
We take care of the details, and of the raw materials as well.
We want a better world with sustainable fashion with authentic, pure and passionate style, a world without waste, with sensitive and conscious people. Vintage clothes preserve a history that makes them unique.

A kind of new awareness that allows us to take a step forward and revive clothes that no one uses anymore. We transform them, into a more interesting, more original, cooler pieces. We reuse leftovers without wasting anything. We reduce manufacturing waste to almost zero. Skilled Italian workers with whom we make a limited number of pieces for a niche market.

We focus on quality, becoming "conscious producers." We do not impose minimum purchase quantities, and our consumer also becomes conscious. Be precious! Be unique!
Seasonality does not exist in our collections.
Our clothes are al ways current, overcoming the very concept of time. Knowing how to combine them becomes an art.

When you wear a Velvet piece you have to have positive feelings that you will then live in your daily life and your energy will be contagious.
Feeling good in a dress is like feeling at home....idea that we have been cultivating forever. Every dress is tried on us. It is tested on our bodies.
Fitting, comfort, seams, softness, fabrics, washes, everything has to be perfect when you wear it.

We recover the old by giving it new life, transforming it, with the support of our creative restyling, into a more interesting, more original, cooler piece.
In this way, the piece returns to the market with a new look, ready to relive a second fashion life!
The life cycle of the piece starts again, it is re-worn by our Fashion Lovers who are looking for original pieces, and it also benefits the environment around us, since we do not produce new garments but we use already existing ones.
That is why upcycling becomes an ethical way of making fashion and we believe in it. The goal is to bring out high quality garments made by Italian artisans and craftsmen.

Our base is the past. We work in the present adapting our pieces to a future aesthetic.