What are we doing?

That's a great question! 

In the six-plus years since we've been together, I've been asked this question more times than I can count, and it's one of my favorites! We love being able to share our fashion style that become a part of our everyday living. Everything here has a story. We've always been dedicated to creating original outfits following our passion and our Italian heart. All made in Italy product and, in recent years, we've been focusing more on Italy producers with the project SFCONFIDENTIAL with the aim of bringing Italian fashion directly to the shops in California.

Last week, I was asked "why do you have created Velvet Phoebé” and, up until then I hadn't really given it much thought, but the answer is almost everything.

This happened organically - we wanted to create our brand, with our idea, Limited-edition-, over-the-seasons-, non-trendy creations, all made in Italy for all women that want to be different.
This is what real representation looks like. So, when you shop at Velvet Phoebé, be proud to know that you are support our local economy, artists, makers, and crafts-people just by shopping here and in every store that sell our brand.